An Unusual finish gives a seemingly simple, elegant block of unconventional appearance.Part of the surface of the table was burned, and then finished with oil according to the ancient Chinese technique Shou Sugi Ban. This way of wood preservation has been used for centuries, it
protects the surface and adds to its charm. During the burning, the soft tissues are absorbed by the fire in a result of which it beautifully emphasizes the structure and grain of the material.
This method of finishing may also be used in other models of furniture.

Materials: oak wood, high-quality blend of natural oils and resins.
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks.

Because I work with real wood, each table is unique, has different colors and ring layouts. The pictures show one of the ready models, you will get a specimen made just for you. In case a specific table from the pictures is available I will notify the client.
Every piece of furniture has a burned out logo of the brand ZLASU with it’s unique serial number.

Other sizes:

length: 70 cm, width: 55 cm, height: 33 cm, thickness: 4cm       Price: 254 EUR