A table made from one solid piece of oak.Thanks to this, the layout of the rings and the wood’s color flows unified from side to side. An oak inset decorates the fused edges. The top of the table is a safe tempered glass tinted brown.

Materials: oak wood, stained glass, a blend of high quality natural oils and resins.
Delivery time: 3-5 weeks

Because I work with real wood, each table is unique, has different colors and ring layouts. The pictures show one of the ready models, you will get a specimen made just for you. In case a specific table from the pictures is available I will notify the client.
Every piece of furniture has a burned out logo of the brand ZLASU with it’s unique serial number.
To get information on product availability, delivery time, valuation and other dimensions, please feel free to contact us.

Other sizes:

length: 70 cm, width: 55 cm, height: 34 cm, thickness: 4 cm,
mósmy_small_techPrice: 290 EUR