River Secret

A new dimension of connecting with nature. BLACK OAK, limited edition tables. Each from this collection is unique, the photos represent real copy.  Made from the most exclusive and valuable variety of european wood – the black oak, known also as the polish ebony. This oak wood owes nature it’s coloring from lying underwater many centuries (estimated age for this particular wood used in this collection is 1000-1500 years). After retrieving from water it rested, drying for 27 years. The next stage is a very laborious and complicated processing, which allowed me to bring out the wild beauty from these pieces of wood. The natural cracks and insect traces are filled with black resin.
The finish is a translucent mix of oils and resin from plants. The legs are made from stainless steel.

Dimensions – length: 97 cm, width: 35-48 cm, height: 35 cm, thickness: 6 cm

 Status: available                                                   Price: 935 EUR

The pictures show the actual copy that is being offered . In case you have any questions , and directly before buying please contact us to confirm the availability of furniture.